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2007 Royal Adelaide Show

Usually the Adelaide Royal Shows biggest competition takes place on the main arena with horses of all shapes and sorts competing over the full 9 days in a range a disciplines.  This year for the first time ever all horse events were cancelled due to the interstate outbreak of the Equine Influenza virus.  It was an eerie experience with the show going on at full speed as the main arena lay nearly vacant, the warm up area silent with only big red signs to indicate where all the horses had gone.  At that stage it was considered there would be a chance to restage the events at a later date but they have now been cancelled.

In fact the only horses to be found on site were on the carousels with the one at right looking quite wild (perhaps due to the proximity of that large bird on the edge of the photo!) while the young girl may be dreaming of riding real horses at the show one day.

So I decided to photograph some of the other animals that compete for championship honours during the Adelaide Royal.

Nearby to the main arena are the two separate types of cattle the beef breeds (held across from the animal nursery building) and the dairy breeds (held on the grass area behind the dairy pavilion just up from the harness horse stables).  A lot calmer than horses the public was able to wander through their preparation area (beef cattle) and through the dairy pavilion where there were dairy demonstrations held.  Cattle calmly stood tied to railings as passing parents actively encouraged their young kids to pat the animals. 


The cat breeds are located upstairs behind the Jubilee Pavilion next to the now vacant area where Centennial Hall once stood.  A handful of exhibitors were there to talk to curious members of the public about cat ownership, showing or any other general questions especially about the more unusual breeds.  The rabbits and birds were also found in this location.  



In the dog pavilion the Golden Retrievers were going through their paces.  The breeds seems to be a lot shorter in the leg these days but some lovely types were on display in particular Beaucroft Intruder who took out the Golden Retriever awards Open Dog, Challenge Champion Dog and Runner up Best of Breed.
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