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Adelaide International Horse Trials - Day 1
Victoria Park (South Australia) Races
1st. - 4th November,  2001 - Page 1

The Adelaide International Horse Trials returned to Victoria Park racetrack featuring the three star dressage on the first day. In thewarm spring weather many interstate and overseas riders joined the local entrants to battle for first place. The early lead was takenby Amanda Ross riding Wynella Rialto with 44.20 and this pair held the lead throughout the day finishing 4 points clear of the nextcompetitor.

Will Enzing & Feurikis rode in the afternoon and recorded 48.20 to take overall second place for the day. On 51.40 wasJessica Irvine-Brown riding Belcam Aaberdeen only .20 ahead of New Zealander Bundy Philpott & Hocus Pocus II.

The field for the competition is evenly matched at this point with 25 entrants within 16 pointsof the frontrunners. The only elminationof the day was Seal and Kadi Eykamp. After having trouble early when Seal wouldn't settle for the halt & salute the pair didn't lookcomfortable in the atmosphere and when asked for the rein back Seal lost interest, preferring to try to avoid the bit and rear. Eventually he spun and leapt out of the arena knocking over the F marker and thus being instantly eliminated from the rest of theevent.

With a testing Cross Country track due for Saturday and the closely fought competition any number of riders could be leading intothe final phase.

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