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The 2003 "We're Smoke Free'
South Australian Horse of the Year

John Vaughan Equestrian Park on February 8th and 9th.
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hflemracsdp2.jpg (22769 bytes)This year the judges were Gary Beaton from Victoria, Yvonne Barr from Tasmania, Bronwyn Parker from the ACT and Meredith Mableson from SA.

Pictured right is Gary Beaton on his multi champion hack - Lemrac's Dancing Poet.

Unlike last year the show was held in warm sunny weather and started off with the Junior Rider of the Year under 14 years which went to Tessa Hughes of Mount Gambier riding Janlyn Royal Secret from Katelin Clark of Gawler with Olivia Hamood of Birdwood third. The Junior Rider of the year 14-18 years was awarded to Lesley Burrows riding Twain with Edwina Harrison riding Rathowen Timothy awarded Reserve Champion and Melissa Karutz riding Beaufort Domingo third. Margot Haynes took out the Senior Rider of the Year aboard Shine with Samantha Kennedy Reserve Champion and Te-elle Hoffman third. The Waverley Festivity was judged next with the Newcomer award going to Kolbeach Classic ridden by Jessica Winen.

h-Beaufort Domingo & Melissa Karutz.jpg (23747 bytes) h-Kolbeach Classic & Jessica Winen.jpg (21090 bytes)

This year saw the introduction of Sportsmanship awards with these going to Penny Starling and Tess Blackwood in the rider classes.

The afternoon saw the judging of the Owner Rider Classes with the Pony ne 14hh awarded to Myscal Sonata and Ellie Clark from Tallyrand Easter Promise and Kelli Probert with Braefoot Park Springfield and Tamara Cooper third. The Galloway class went to Woodbine Watermark ridden by Sophie Barrett from Melissa Karutz and Beaufort Domingo with Edwina Harrison and Rathowen Timothy placed third. The final class of the day was the Show Horse Owner Rider with victory going to Fitzwilliam D'Arcy and Sean Bignell from Klein Park Academy and Amelia Rackham with Chesterville and Te-elle Hoffmann third.

h-Woddbine Watermark & S Barratt.jpg (23131 bytes) h-Tallyrand Easter Promise & K Probert.jpg (29510 bytes)

Sunday opened with a carbon copy of Saturday's weather and the first class of the day was the Champion Show Hunter Hack which went to Millionaire ridden by Rachel Lawrie from Gill Rolton and Wynella Tannhauser with Samantha Kennedy and Milan third and also awarded the Sportmanship award. Meanwhile a second ring was in operation as the finalists were chosen for the SA Pony of the Year 12.2hh to 14hh - there was no selection for the SA Pony of the Year under 12.2hh due to the small number in the class.

h-Crackerwood Mayfair & Rachel Coulter.jpg (24936 bytes) h-Penny Starling.jpg (21083 bytes)

In the main ring the next class was the Champion Show Hunter Galloway where Crackerwood Mayfair ridden and owned by Rachel Coulter won from Lucy Forrest and Gumflat Winston with Woodbine Kingston ridden by Louise Clancy third. The Champion Show Hunter Pony was split into the two height divisions with the 12.2hh to 14.2hh award going to Corumbene Stud's Corumbene Ties from Mentmore Grand Parade ridden by Ebony Adams as the Sportsmanship award went to Annette Hudd on Wynkie Sweet Illusions. The SA Show Hunter Pony under 12.2hh was awarded to Kerulen Cailleach from Ashlee Anderson's Foxmore Fanfare with Phoebe Schmidt receiving the Sportsmanship award.

As the Show Horse heats continued in the second arena the main arena held the SA Leading Rein Pony of the Year. In a large class victory went to Langtree Ice Magic and Olivia Hamood from Felicity Atkinson and Falconhurst Party Girl with Laura Johnson and Lesfield Royal Dolton third.

With the afternoon came the main awards for the weekend. The first class was the SA Pony of the Year ne 12.2hh (Rider 14 years and under). First prize was awarded to Weston Park Craftesman ridden by Sabrina Jaeschke from Janlyn Royal Secret ridden by Tessa Hughes with Cheraton Serendipity and Louise Clancy third while Penny Starling and Corumbene Trinket took out the Sportsmanship award.

The SA Pony of the Year 12.2hh to 14hh went to Ainthorpe Grace Darling ridden by Jennifer Drew with Reserve Champion going to Mirinda Royal Emblem ridden by Charlotte Mitton with Willowcroft Regal Envoy ridden by Michelle Clark third.

SA Galloway of the Year was taken out by Jill Best and Twain who had been the Reserve Champion in 2002 with KB Superstar and Chris Lawrie who had had a stranglehold on this title in recent years taking the Reserve award while Melissa Karutz and Beaufort Domingo were third after earlier being awarded the Sportmanship award for the class.

h-Trent Nathan and Charlotte Mitton.jpg (19925 bytes)The final class of the show was the SA Show Horse of the Year and from early in the day Trent Nathan had stood out. It was no surprise when this stunning black thoroughbred was awarded the Champion ribbon after a faultless workout for Charlotte Mitton with Chris Lawrie and Mirrors the Reserve Champion and Rachel Lawrie and Sansarin Bay taking third. 

Proofs for the photos that I took at this show have been sent out and should be received in the next week. If there are any photos on this report or if you were photographed in the arena and haven't received proofs please contact me as I may have an outdated address listed for you.  barnesphotography@bigpond.com


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