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South Australian Showjumping Championships
Colley Reserve, Glenelg.  Dec 28 & 29, 2002
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This years championships began in overcast conditions with the Senior D & C Grade class. Michelle Clark and Belcam Athena jumped faultlessly to win the class from Cut Loose and Lachlan Manuel and Mr Goody ridden by Anthony Thomas.

As the weather began to heat up so too did the action as the Junior Speed Championship was decided. Unlike previous years renowned speedsters such as the little black mare Heidi, Koomundool Samuel, Willy Go, Peppy Jones etc were missing as new younger horses lined up for the class. Victory went to Amy Graham and Untold Secret from Apricot D & Lachlan Manuel with Amy Graham also taking third place with her first ride in the event Dark Secret.

The next class was the Senior Speed Championship where Anthony Thomas riding Irish Moss saved time throughout the course while going clear to win with Anthony Thomas' second ride Brecon Double Take placed second while Bucks Bunny and Paula Hamood took third place.

The first class of the afternoon was the Senior Grand Prix/Mayor Trophy event. The lovely grey Hanoverian horse Kinnordy D'Artagnan ridden by Clive Reed jumped faultessly to win from Anthony Thomas and Brecon Double Take with Tawjoy and Leanne Bruggemann third.

The Junior Grand Prix was the final event of the day. In a huge class of nearly 40 entries Amy Graham continued her success to win again on Untold Secret with Greg Mickan second riding Finkelstein while Adam Metcalfe and Maverick were third.

Sunday opened in humid overcast conditions as the weather was expected again to be over 35 degrees. The day started with the 1.30m Height Class which saw Anthony Thomas and Irish Moss again awarded the winning sash with second place taken by Snowview Rajah ridden by Clive Reed while Belcam Goldrush and Michelle Clark were placed third.

The Junior State Championship was decided as the second class of the day with 37 entries taking part. After two jumping rounds only two combinations had completed double clear rounds last years winner Greg Mickan and Finklestein and Kristy Bruhn riding Murph. The jumpoff resulted in Murph and Kristy Bruhn declared the winner after a clear round with Greg Mickan second and Guinness and Sheridan Manuel third after jumping both rounds clear but incurring one jump penalty on time.

The popular Rescue Relay was next. This is where a pair of riders try to complete two rounds of the course under the time allowed and without any rails falling. If a rail falls or a horse refuses during a round the other rider must take over. If the first rider goes clear the changeover happens at the start of the second round of the course. After a mix up with an earlier pairing with Ivan McMahon Amy Graham got it perfect with Narnia Schuessler and the pair riding Classic Calypso & Untold Secret respectively won the class easily from Redemption & Anthony Thomas and Monkey Mia & Kristy Bruhn with Belcam Athena & Michelle Clark and Forrest & Sheridan Manuel third.

The final class of the championships was the Senior State Championship. After the two rounds of jumping there were also two double clear combinations Kinnordy D'Artagnan & Clive Reed and Tawjoy & Leanne Bruggemann. This pair fought out the title last year when Leanne Bruggemann was successful. Kinnordy D'Artagnan & Clive Reed went first but knocked a rail during their round over the maximum height fences. The Tawjoy and Leanne Bruggemann came out and went clear taking the title for the second year in a row. Third place was shared between Buck's Bunny & Paula Hamood, Brecon Double Take & Anthony Thomas and Classic Style also ridden by Anthony Thomas.

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The horses are Classic Calypso and Untold Secret
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